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Tplaza Marketplace

Trusted Marketplace   Established in 2012, Tplaza is a unique ecommerce marketplace selling quality products trusted by bilingual customers worldwide. Tplaza has the world’s most complete collection of Traditional Chinese books.

Bilingual SEO – Merchant’s store in Tplaza is a bilingual ecommerce website. The well-implemented SEO makes merchant store and products appear in search results for both Chinese and English queries.

E-commerce Portal  – Merchants can manage vendor account through its account dashboard to setup store, update products, manage orders, read analytics & respond to customer enquiries.

Marketing Portal  – Merchants can participate high effective marketing campaigns with Tplaza targeting to new market and millions of customers.

Global Payment Gateways – Tplaza accepts multi-currency and supports PayPal, credit cards, G-Pay & Apple Pay.

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