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Reward Points 會員紅利積點

Reward points are kept in customer accounts with details.

Reward points are granted on creating new account (currently 100 points) and completing a purchase (get 1 point for 1 currency spent).

Reward points can be used for discount on new Orders, the exchange of Reward Points to Currency is 100 : 1.

The Reward points is valid for 6 months from the date they are granted.

Ways to gain reward points:

  1. Creating new account (100 points)
  2. Purchase order (1 point per 1 currency)
  3. Product review (100 points per valid review)


創建新帳戶(目前為 100 積分)和完成購買(花費 1 單元貨幣可獲得 1 點積分)時都會獲得紅利積點。


紅利積點自授予之日起 6 個月內有效。


  1. 創建新帳號 (100點)
  2. 購買產品 (1 點/1 單元貨幣)
  3.  產品點評 ( 100點/ approved review)