可在婴儿尿布周围使用,预防尿布疹, 湿疹。


品牌: Aromababy 爱乐湄

产地: 澳大利亚

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This amazing product has been soothing skin for twenty years. The only balm of its kind, developed to help soothe nappy rash, cradle cap and other dry skin, AROMABABY Barrier Balm™ melts on contact with the skin and offers a natural and organic solution where zinc creams may have failed. Soothing natural oils work to moisturise whilst providing a light barrier to protect the skin. Enriched with organic evening primrose, vitamin e and calendula oils, this premium, effective Balm may be used around the nappy area, massaged onto dry skin including skin affected by eczema, is suitable for use on the scalp where flaky skin is a concern or may be used as an effective solution to suit all of your family’s sensitive skin needs. Ideal for sunburn, windburn, chafing, dry lips and cracked nipples during breastfeeding.

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