【AROMABABY】爱樂湄有機薰衣草婴兒爽身粉 NATURAL POWDER 125g




品牌: Aromababy 爱乐湄

产地: 澳大利亚


Store:  Aromababy
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【AROMABABY】爱乐湄有机薰衣草婴儿爽身粉 NATURAL POWDER 125g

This natural cornstarch powder is completely talc free and contains only certified organic, pure essential oil of lavender to soothe Baby’s skin and refresh the nappy area. Use at nappy change times and after bathing Baby. Thoroughly cleanse the nappy area and apply a small amount of the appropriate Aromababy nappy care product. Follow with a light sprinkling of Natural Powder to assist with the absorption of excess moisture. Also ideal for chafing between legs and as a natural foot deodoriser for adults.

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