【AROMABABY】爱乐湄纯净婴儿沐浴液 PURE BABY WASH 150ml



使用方法: 加少量液体至温浴水中使混合溶解。或者,将沐浴液倒入湿的棉布上,然后用它轻轻洗净宝宝。冲洗干净并用毛巾轻轻擦干。最后用您最喜欢的Aromababy乳霜或乳液产品锁住水分。

品牌: Aromababy 爱乐湄

产地: 澳大利亚

Store:  Aromababy
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This superb top-to-toe wash for babies and children with sensitive skin has been used in select hospitals for newborns and premature babies. Formulated without any drying sulphates, parabens, propylene glycol and free from fragrance, rest assured this extra-gentle cleanser is also free from essential oils. Research in UK suggests water only in the early weeks followed by product which is free from fragrance to be best for newborns to help retain the skin’s integrity. Pure certified organic rosehip oil has been included in this Australian made product, to care for even the most delicate skin and help combat dryness often associated with young skin in the early months.

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