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  香港史學會總監 鄧家宙博士

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1 review for 鬼王廚房:舌尖上的地獄飲食文化

  1. Kupiter2

    The Chinese people’s food culture is unique. There is the so-called “food is the heaven for the people.” This emphasis on “food” extends to the ghost world. Eating in the north and south is not considered a glutton, eating in Huangquan Youdu is an expert. From special banquets such as “Relief Wine” and “Red Banquet” for those who have just died; to “Returning Soul Package” for offering new souls on the night of Soul Retreat; to “Burning Street Clothes” on the streets and alleys of July Ghost Festival “The food that is enshrined in ghosts, etc.” all show that “food culture” is not only applicable to people, but also that living people have infinite illusions, fears, or even unknown yearnings for the world after death, and so various kinds are derived.” The custom of “ghost eating”.

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