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  This book found its inspiration from topics that are unique to Taiwanese culture explored through a total of 12 lessons organized into three units: “Daily Life in Taiwan,” “Social and Cultural Development in Taiwan,” and “Looking at World Issues Through the Kaleidoscope of Taiwan.” Every lesson discusses topics in Taiwanese local specialties and social issues by introducing current events and cultural phenomena that provide a vivid picture of everyday life in Taiwan, encouraging learners to gain a deeper understanding of Taiwanese culture. Furthermore, each lesson was designed with a ”Global Corner,” which allows learners from all over the world to immerse themselves in the topics, sparking mutual discussion. This encourages learners to go above and beyond to explore Taiwanese culture and society while motivating them to comprehend how certain topics connect countries around the world and nurturing competence in cross-cultural communication.

  On the other hand, Key to the World: A Kaleidoscope of Taiwan was designed specifically for intermediate-advanced learners, intending to strengthen their Mandarin Chinese abilities, so that they can successfully study high-level materials. These lessons especially focus on expanding and building vocabulary. Besides incorporating common terminology, units such as “Near-Synonym Distinctions,” “Character Association Maps,” and “Formal and Informal Conversions,” can be utilized to supplement lexical acquisition. Overall, we endeavor to employ a wide array of methodologies to aid Chinese learners as they expand their vocabulary, grasp the differences between near-synonym terms that commonly confuse learners and further develop the ability to discern the differences between informal and formal language usage, ultimately reaching a higher level of proficiency.



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