Ginseng Oolong Tea Bags (20 pk)



世界上最甘醇, 滋養的調味茶. 採用台灣中部高山茶區的上等烏龍茶及頂級粉光參, 參葉調製而成. 品飲時, 不僅可享受茶之甘醇, 更能吸收參品之滋養, 是最具特色的調味茶.


品牌: 天仁茗茶

产地: Taiwan

5 out of 5

Ginseng Oolong Tea Bags (20 pk)

Tea Bag 20 packs

The most mellow, nourishing flavored tea in the world. It is made from the finest oolong tea from the high mountain tea area in central Taiwan, top-quality powdered ginseng, and ginseng leaves. When drinking, you can not only enjoy the mellowness of the tea, but also absorb the ginseng products. The nourishment is the most distinctive flavored tea.

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