Vendor’s Terms

  1. A new Vendor(Merchant) account is subject to approval by Tplaza.
  2. Product information : Merchant must ensure the company and products/services information are correct, and keep the accuracy of the products stock information for the ecommerce in all time.
  3. Product competitiveness: Merchant products must be market-competitive, and product pricing should take into account the comparison of prices on similar platforms; subsidies for the difference between international express freight costs and the freight charges charged by orders; and participate in/cooperate with Tplaza marketing plan/discount.  Merchants must obtain at least one order within six months of the product launch in order to keep the account active.
  4. Obligation of Delivery : Merchant will get auto-notification on receiving Orders.  Merchants shall do drop shipment by courier service from their warehouse to the Shipping Address list in the Orders and will get the shipping charge reimbursement from customer payment. Merchant are responsible to ensure product availability in stock and make delivery upon PO receiving within 2 working days and provide delivery notice to customers through vendor dashboard.
  5. Quality Assurance : Merchants must pack the goods according to logistics requirement to ensure minimal possible damage during shipment, and provide the logistics service provider with necessary documents. Merchant is solely responsible for the quality liability of the goods throughout the entire transaction process and after service stage.
  6. Payment collection & reimbursement: Merchants can check all orders status from account dashboard. Merchants may withdraw customer payments through vendor dashboard after 30 days of order completion.
  7. Consumer Protection: To keep good quality of service and benefit of consumers, Tplaza reserves the right to suspend the vendor account provided the vendor fails to comply the Terms & Conditions in this document.
  8. Merchant deposit: Merchants need to provide a deposit of AUD 1,000 to open a store, and they can choose to participate in the target market marketing plan.
  9. Tplaza is a business trademark registered by Kupiter Pty Limited under Australia law. Kupiter reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of Tplaza Vendors.


  1. 新的供應商帳戶必須經過Tplaza的批准。
  2. 產品信息:商家必須確保公司和產品/服務信息正確無誤,並始終保持產品的庫存信息的準確性。
  3. 產品競爭力: 商家產品須具有市場競爭力,產品定價應考慮類似平台比價,國際快遞運費成本與訂單收取的運費差額之補貼,與參加/配合Tplaza商場行銷計劃/打折。商家產品自上架半年内必須獲得至少一張來自Tplaza消費者之訂單,以維持帳戶活躍。
  4. 交貨義務:商家將在收到訂單時自動收到通知。商家應使用國際快遞服務從他們的倉庫中出貨到訂單指定收貨地址,並同意從客戶付款中獲得運輸費用補償。商家負應責確保產品有庫存,並在收到採購訂單2個工作日內交貨,並通過帳戶看板向客戶提供交貨通知。
  5. 質量保證:商家必須根據國際物流標準包裝貨物,以確保在運輸過程中將可能損壞降至最低,並向物流服務提供商提供通關必要的文件。商戶在整個交易過程中以及服務階段之後對商品的質量責任全權負責。
  6. 付款收集和退款:商家可以從帳戶信息中心查看所有訂單狀態。完成訂單30天后,商家將通過帳戶看板在次月1日自動申請提取客戶付款。
  7. 消費者保護: 為了保持良好的服務質量和消費者的利益,如果商戶未遵守本文檔中的條款,Tplaza保留暫停賣方帳戶的權利,相應損失亦由商戶負責。
  8. 商家保證金: 商家開店需提供保證金澳幣1000元,  並得選擇參加目標市場行銷計劃。
  9. Tplaza 為澳洲Kupiter Pty Limited 公司註冊生意商標,Kupiter 保留更改Tplaza 供應商條款和條件的權利。