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Customers can apply for return, refund or partial claim after receiving the goods for the following reasons after delivery.

1) Goods with serious quality problems, or expired goods, can apply for return; (picture required)

2) Damaged goods in logistics delivery (please check the package immediately after receiving the package. If the goods are damaged, please ask the courier to issue a damage certificate for you before signing the package).

3) Receive the goods that do not match the description or quantity of the order; (please ask the courier to issue a certificate for you before signing the package), you can apply for partial claims.

4) All logistics related expenses incurred in returning the goods shall be borne by the responsible party in principle. If the goods need to be returned due to above stated reasons, you can contact the customer service to request a return within 7 days from the date of receipt if the goods are not used, unpacked and do not affect the resales. The logistics related expenses are deducted from the return amount.

In the above situation, please take photos of the parcel box, damaged/in-short/missing goods, logistics documents, delivery list, of the parcel received,  within 7 working days after receiving the parcel. Send to customer service : via email. We will cooperate and assist you in the relevant procedures, and arrange a refund for you within 7 working days.


1)有嚴重質量問題的貨物或過期的貨物可以申請退貨; (需要圖片)


3)收到與訂單描述或數量不符的貨物; (請在簽收包裹之前請快遞員為您簽發證書),您可以申請部分索賠。